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Developers' answers. Part III
1.Mid Air Collision? Are we having them? Or are the Planes Ghost Planes and can fly through Each other?
 Mid Air Collision will surely be implemented. It will reduce aircraft HP depending aircraft speed, weight, damaged module etc. as in WoT. If you are an experienced and lucky player you will be able to perform deliberate ram attacks, chopping off enemy’s aircraft tail with an airscrew.
 2. I’m curious about Diver bombers i.e. Stuka.
 These planes were just as famous as the P-51 and the Me109. How will these planes play a role in the game? Are there any intentions on allowing Dive bombers at all?
 We do not comment any aircraft tree except for already published. We want to implement dive bombers.
3. I heard somewhere that the free experience we have in WoT can be used in WoWP can you clarify on that? Will it cost anything?
 You will be able to transfer XP from WoT to WoWp.
4. Will planes be able to stall? for example if one plane climbs strait up and another tries to follow it, the one that stalls first is the one that dies, difference if engine type means difference in stall speed/height
 Yes of course. After the stall aircraft will dive. Spin is not reproduced.
5. Will players using Joysticks and other controls have any kind of advantage over other players using keyboard and mouse? Or will it simply be preference?
 We hope it will simply be the personal preference. We work much to prevent any advantage of using any types of controls.

6. Will the fight start with the planes in the air or will we have to take off from a runway, if we do have to take off from a runway will we are able to land again? either to get repairs or ammo ? WWII planes i believe never really had that much ammo on them
 Aircraft will be spawned in the air at the beginning of the battle. As an option, you will be able to land the aircraft at the end of the battle and successful landing will give you additional experience. Unsuccessful landing will break the plane and will cost repairing.
7. How far will we be able to see? like in WoT tanks just don’t show up until they have been spotted or however it works, but in WoWP id like to be able to see all the planes even from one end of the map to the other, but they only show up with a tag when in close, so I’d be able to see all the planes right from the start but they'd only be dots on the screen, and things like cloud can cover them, or being close to the ground would make them hard to see... or will they just not show up at all until close enough ?
 View range of aircraft will depend on aircraft specifications (open/closed cockpit, glass transparency, crew skills, etc. And yes, visibility depends on clouds and sunlight direction.
8. Will there be any early types of missiles?
 No, we plan to implement only unguided missiles.
10. Will there be any type of 'locking on' to a target like right clicking in WoT?
 The locked target will be lightened by different color and will be displayed on small corner screen.
 11. Will be supersonic jets?
 No. The timeline for the game will only go to the 1950s. The most you'll see will be MiG 15’s and F-86 Sabre’s counterparts
 12. Will we be able to use Joystick to control the planes?
 We plan to support all kinds of joysticks, gamepads as well as keyboard, and mouse
 13. Will there be a B-17 Bomber in the game? That’s my favorite plane...
 We plan to implement heavy bombers only as NPCs. We do not comment what models they are going to be
 14. So....will the famous "MUSTANG"be a part of WoWP?
 Yes, of course.
 15. Saying that the most memorable air conflict of WWII was the Battle of Britain, how come the UK will not be a WOWP starting nation as announced through some official sources?
British aircraft will be implemented after the release. All the above mentioned words can be said about any of implemented nations. Just be patient. It is impossible to do everything at once. We also have Japanese aircraft in our nearest plans.
 16. I asked already before this topic was open...What if i dive to kill a ground/naval target and I’m close to my target, but i get shot down...will my wreck kill/damage the target if it hits???
 The target will be damaged, it can also be destroyed or its HP will be reduced. It depends on the HP of ground target, mass and speed of aircraft, probably on unreleased bombs and missiles. Aircraft wrecks will also damage the target. We will try to make such gameplay that will prevent Kamikaze race.
17. My questions are: when can we expect tech trees for WoWP? And once we get them what would "premium" planes be? would they be special aircraft(like the wonderwaffle XPUS-1 Flying Pancake) or would they be specially modded planes from the trees? I say this because I am a gamer on the "cheap" and as such I hate missing out on great planes.
 Here you can look at the release, first variant of WoWp US tree.
 18. Will WoWP support TrackIR?
 We are going to support this device. I am not sure whether it will be supported in CBT or OBT.
 19. Will g-force be a factor in combat or will pilots be super human for the sake of game play.
 if yes then will there be an indicator of pilot stress?
 If no will the physics of the aircraft be such that i can pull a high g turn and shear off the wings?
 We are going to implement some g-force influence to gameplay. However WoWp pilot will not lose consciousness and WoWp aircraft will not lose its wings due to g-force. Some of possible crew skills- g-force survivability. Besides, we want to take into account historic features, e.g. in the years of Korean War Sabre pilots used G-suits and Mig-15 pilots didn’t have such equipment
 20. Are you going to split server to EU and NA like in World of tanks?
 We already did it for our Alpha servers.
 21. Will WOWP have muti-core support?
 It already has it.
 22.How will these AI controlled game modes work for the different skill levels of players, will the matchmaker pick a setting for the Tiers of planes involved, say easy for New players with only tier 1 planes?
 The MM will work definitely placing together aircraft of relative tiers. And NPC aircraft, flaks, ground turrets will be made corresponding to aircraft tier. Also matchmaking system will operate not only aircraft tiers but also some tweaks and other criteria. Player’s abilities, his statistics will not be considered.
 23. Views: Will you be able to change your View? (Example, Cockpit, Behind Plane, Cockpit without control panels, Look Behind (inside and Outside, First and Third))
 We are not going to implement cockpit view. Typical WoWp battle takes 3-5 minutes. I can imagine battles that will last 10-15 minutes on greater maps but I cannot imagine that you will have time to look at cockpit controls or\and hands of a pilot. WoWp=action. Besides cockpit, you can use First and Third views, similar to WoT.
 24. Will we be able to do barrel rolls, or loops, or other fun tricks?
 You will be able to perform all the flight maneuvers available for WWII era aircraft.
 25. Will this game focus on realistic flight simulation or at least something near it?
 We are trying to balance between realistic flight and damage model and arcade controls. We also represent historically accurate aircraft specifications
 26. Will there be a "convergence zone" for wing mounted guns?
In real life, wing mounted guns would be set up to intersect at a single point around 100-230m in front of the plane. If a plane like the Hurricane or Foke-wulf 190 were to get too close or too far from its target, the pattern of fire wouldn't be dense enough to cause enough damage, or even hit the target enough to bring it down. Planes like the P-38 and Bf-109 had nacelle/centrally mounted guns witch eliminated the dead zones and allowed good pilots to be effective at a much greater range than their wing mounted counterparts.
 I know this would be difficult to implement, but I think it would be a great balancing factor due to nacelle-mount planes typically having a slight disadvantage in one way or another (you can't fit much armament in the nacelle and the planes that could were not the best suited for dogfighting). I wouldn't expect you actually implement the convergence zones, maybe an accuracy boost to nacelle-mount planes would be a good idea. But all that's beside the point. I just want to know if the concept will appear in some way in the game.
 For now all the aircraft with wing mounted guns have their own parallax point and there is a difference between wing mounted guns and nose mounted guns. Probably later player will be able to tune parallax point at hangar.
 27. Will the FPS for this game be about the same as in WOT?
 System requirements of WoWp will be comparatively similar to those of WoT. The thing is that processing BigWorld engine for aviation purposes requires many changes. On the one hand we don’t need to reproduce numerous lamp poles, locomotives; on the other hand it demands representation of a complex flight model and huge free space.
 28. Are there any specific details on the maps available (screenshots, loading time, specific locations, etc)?
 We are going to make absolutely new maps. Parts of some of them will contain familiar WoT maps. E.g. El Hallouf will contain parts of WoT El Hallouf and Sand river etc
29 Night missions - will they be implemented and if so, will there be tracer rounds available for purchase?
 We are discussing such night battle modes
30. Radars?
 We will probably implement radars for the purpose of better spotting enemies in the clouds and in probable night missions.

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