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Tuesday, 21.05.2019, 22:01

Wargaming company organized official live video update 0.4.0.
company organized official live video update 0.4.0.
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 World Of Warplanes
Soar through the skies and fight epic air battles in some of the most classic planes!
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Stars and Stripes: What kind of research goes into the building and modeling of the warplanes?

Zezulin: It’s a long process! Before designers start working on a 3-D prototype, we collect a large amount of information about the model, its attributes and historical operations that it took part in. We have aerodynamics engineers that spend crazy hours to ensure every plane model is as authentic as possible. From there, each 3-D model goes to historical consultants. ... All in all, each vehicle takes no less than two months to research, design, finalize, introduce and balance.

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World of Warplanes (WoWP) alpha-test gameplay video HD
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World of Warplanes is glad to introduce Heavy Fighters, the second of several rock-paper-scissors warplane classes that take over the skies in the game. Featuring such names as the Fw.57, Bf.110, Me.410 and Me.P.1102, heavy fighters are currently represented in the German line of warplanes, and will be gradually added to other national rosters. Their size, power and armament allow heavy fighters to fulfil a great variety of objectives including interception, head-on attacks and bombing, making them one of the most versatile classes of air forces. They are truly the Ultimate Predators of the skies.

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Today we are giving players a glimpse of the first gameplay footage from World of Warplanes. The gameplay trailer was captured during the game's current Global Alpha test phase, and features high-flying PvP action in a variety of different warplanes.
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World of Warplanes Global Alpha Application
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