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Developers answers. part II
Aircraft models.
 Make aircraft tech tree within 15-20 levels to make game a long-playing one as it seems easy to grind 2 tank tech trees without premium. I’d like to spend more time grinding to the top. This will lead to more active gold purchasing and it will be much more interesting to play. I’m afraid of converting free experience from WoT (btw good if it can be implemented). This will make players to think of premium account, gold purchase or of playing well
 No we plan tech tree consisting of 10 levels. This is balanced with grinding speed and tank tree research
You can introduce plenty of guns, distribute them to 3 levels of weight, attacking or defensive purpose, balance it and you will not need a lot of aircraft models, I mean more than you have tanks in WoT.
 It seems that in reality there was a contrary situation- the number of air guns and machine guns could not be compared to tank arsenal. And aircrafts outnumbered tanks.
 I suggest introducing strongly-marked individuality in flight characteristics of aircrafts. E.g. high flatter barrier for Fw-190 A-4..9 (~900) + perfect maneuverability at top speed (it is possible to
Restrict diving speed if the flatter is not provided in the game). If the collision model is logical (place of penetration and ammo type is more important than the tier of attacking aircraft), every aircraft will be used successfully for all the missions and the top battle will not be 12 jets 12 jets.
I am not sure about the flatter but individuality in flight characteristics is obligatory to be implemented.

Game mechanics.
 Sniper mode—not necessarily view from cabin with aircraft control panel-at least part of front fuselage and real reticle( metal or collimator) If it is 3rd person view then it should be arcade reticle that goes around the screen and the plane moves according to the reticle maneuvers. It is almost impossible to shoot-ahead in both cases as when looking at own plane at an angle there is a problem how to determine the direction of flight. To use joystick in such view is a real nuisance. Suggestion – to make a simple view through a reticle (there can be some penalties as view range restriction, impossibility to look around, etc.)
 It is already implemented. You’ll see it in alpha or a little bit later.
 Many players suggest fighting with asymmetric targets, when one team has to do something and their enemy has to prevent them from doing it. If you introduce such battle types I suggest adding one more feature: to choose a mission before battle (defense or attack).
 Asymmetric victory conditions are still under discussion. It is likely to be released. However to give a choice to select battle missions seems to create a very problematic task for a matchmaking system, so it is very unlikely
Maps and landscape
 Introduce map selection option at least for those who has premium account.
 It will be discussed. Map at all is of almost no importance in WoWp in comparison with WoT.
Battle modes.
 • «to cut off communications»
 1. There is a map, which is obligatory crossed by some insurmountable barrier for ground troops.(river, mountain range)
 2. By the sides of the map there is a belt road at each team side. At the battle start traffic starts on this road. (Tanks, trucks etc.) I mean that both opposing forces move their ground troops to occupy an assigned sector (columns move one direction; presumably there will be enormous tank meeting engagement.
 3. Each team mission- to destroy as many tanks, trucks and equipment as possible and to prevent its own column from extermination. There also can be antiaircraft armored trucks, or column can be covered by stationary air defense guns.
 4. The score is called for destroyed vehicles in enemies’ column so the margin of victory is either complete destruction of enemies’ squadron that means defenselessness of its ground forces or greater number of destroyed ground vehicles when it is not important how many aircrafts were shot down.
 5. The ground forces column moves after a while from the beginning of the battle to let the enemies’ catch its head. The clearance time in the opposite map part is just before the end of the battle time.
6. To display the level difficulty growth the character of ground forces should also be changed. I.e. when flying on biplanes players meet weak and slow four-wheeled lorries, then after grinding to jet-fighters they will have to attack for example IS-7 having anti-aircraft machine-gun itself. I.e. there must not be such situations as player destroy ground vehicle by one-shot or, on the contrary, shoot by all the weapons without any effect.
 7. It is also possible to replace a belt road by railway with trains moving to the opposite side of the map. It would have been even more plausibly- trucks on the road and tanks on the flat wagons
 8. As a matter of principle there is no need to introduce an airfield in this mission type as the players start battle already in the air. But if there is an opportunity to land an aircraft to get extra experience there must be some equipped emergency landing places having only a runway and a small fuel and lubricants depot but no hangars or any other infrastructure to be bombed
 9. If it is possible to tie somehow WoT and WoWp. I.e. WoT clans’ mission is to redeploy and get ready for the province battle and WoWp clans are to cover their redeployment. According to the results of air battle the number of tanks for defeated team in the province battle may be decreased. Also there can be redeployment of only one clan and another one is to prevent it, so the trucks and trains will run only at one side of the map. Author: makishima
Forgive me for answering shortly: It is too early to uncover all the peculiarities. You have partially described so battle mode aspects that are in production right now. And thank you – we enjoy reading such well-considered suggestions.

 • Pilots experience G-force, how are you going to realize it in game?
 • Successful Falling into the spin or rolling depends on pilot’s experience. E.g ace zooming can feel light darkening of screen whereas novice hunting for him will lose visibility at all and his plane will be switched automatically to dive, as falling into uncontrolled spin is not provided in the game according to developers answers.
 • So, we will get that player not only flies and shoots better having more experience but also has better G-tolerance. You may make this experience level equal to crew ranks, or alternatively make some stuts that can be permitted on particular aircraft.
 • E.g. Captain has grinded to loop – and he gets corresponding note in his personal file. However he will be able to loop the loop only when his crew gets corresponding experience. Game will switch to auto-pilot when trying non-allowed stut. Or it may be done even easier- some key (4 or 5) is responsible for performing flight maneuver. After pressing it plane automatically makes it, while maneuvering player can shoot, it can also be possible to finish turn by pressing left or right.
 Regarding to G-tolerance- consult the previous answers. Automated flight maneuvering is not planned. Probably it will be provided in tutorial mode later, but not in the dogfight mode.
 As far as I know fuselage and wings damage will be counted. Will be the death of a pilot counted I mean when shooting to aircraft canopy will the pilot’s death be counted? Not the crew but a member of a crew (pilot, navigator etc.) –Also when the pilot is dead the aircraft is automatically shot down, as it cannot fly anymore, or you are going to implement the same situation as in WoT- to shoot down the aircraft it must be out of all the HP? Isn’t it a mistake? Sky has other rules and almost everything depends on pilot’s abilities there?[/i]
 Pilot cannot be killed, however he can be injured and piloting will be difficult and view range will be reduced. Injured gunner will not shoot.

 Gold and experience calculation system.
 Grinding crew 50/75/100 is bad. Maximum 50% for gold, (beginning from 0%, 10%) all the rest by hands and head!!!
 Tank scheme is likely to be remained.100% crew does not help without players head.
 Crew skills must be numerous and there must be opportunity for player to learn them simultaneously, i.e to slide them on his wish setting up % of exp for every skill after the battle.
 We’ll think it over. First impression – unnecessary difficulty.
Equal distribution of experience in flight unit, or 60/40 in pair. The dogfight specificity when one attacks another covers and if we count experience distribution as it is in WoT all the XP points will go to the attacking pilot, and the covering one will get nothing. It is unfair. In the case of flight unit, platoon analog in WoT, I suggest Equal distribution of experience
Yes, it is possible. Will think it over and check statistics of XP adjustment. Coordination in flight unit seems to be more important than in WoT platoons and such coordinated actions should be encouraged.
 Free XP and Gold can be freely transferredС from/to WoT and WoWp accounts of the same player.
 Yes, it was told numerous times. Bur please take into consideration that there can be only gold transfer available, not credits.
To make unified premium account for WoT and WoWp
 It will be implemented however with some peculiarities. We are thinking about it.
Pilot’s (not player’s) experience decreases after multiply defeat.
 No, it would be too cruel. Player looses himself and this could be double punishment.
To give in all the three "Worlds of” more experience points for destroying distinguished enemies. The more allies this enemy has killed the more experience for his destruction should be given.
E.g a fighter flies kill allies one by one and nobody can do anything with him –and for his shooting down to give more experience according the following scheme:
 Enemy caused 2000 points of damage. We deduct 500hp, amount hp of this enemy-ace aircraft, to be in the middle of usefulness (according to statistics he has to cause minimal damage equal o his HP) lower than it useless more than it-useful. So 2000-500=1500, this means that he caused damage 1500hp more than his hp then 1500/5=300. So you should give 300 hp points more for destruction of such enemy.
This extra experience may be distributed among all the allies’ players according to the damage they caused o the ace to prevent the situation when somebody is knocking the ace all the fight and someone steals the frag and gets all the experience.
 It is doubtful. It makes players ignore team purpose and hunt for the fattest target. Moreover usual player is not able to coordinate his actions with allies that will make to a real ace real air fodder.
 To sell both premiums separately but if WoT premium is bought WoWp to sell with 50% discount. And one more term: if you’ve got monthly premium you won’t be able to buy WoWp premium for more period.
It was answered above about premium relations
 To give opportunity to transfer experience and money between WoT and WoWp but with some fee for experience and big commission for gold transfer
 There were multiply answers about gold transfer. Your suggestion about taking commissions will be taken into consideration.


• To make one more folder in game folder to keep all the custom skins which can be changed on players wish. So at the very beginning of the game, player’s plane will have custom skin when everyone else uses standard skin. So his unique skin is seen only on his PC and does not influence any more on server traffic. This could prevent all the wine about Nazi skins. Thanks in advance.
• Thanks for suggestions but we are now unsure about our decision.

 • To make not only music soundtrack but also as a real pilots talks.
It can be switched by user Some part of system messages will be stylized in form of pilot’s talks but to make all the soundtrack in this form will be to boring and will distract from important messages.
 • To provide voice chat for all the team not only for a pair
 In one’s point of view to type something in dogfight is almost impossible-lack of time. However to troll allies will be much easier (deception, spamming) we’ll see how the voting complaint system will work in WoT. If this system will do well we can think over common voice chat. But to get ban for voice chat would be very easy.
 Folder-recorder- a folder to place music to listen to at fight.
We will try to do it.
 I wish developers pay more attention to traditional aviators’ songs.
 •There are a lot of good songs. We will try to use them if there is no problem with copyright
 Soundtrack depending on geography. E.g. – desert- oriental music, forests –Russian etc.
 We doubt it could be done. And the number of maps will be less than in WoT.
Music at Dogfight: На честном слове и на одном крыле, Aceshich (Iron Maiden), Distantskies (Sstratovarius),Смуглянка, Nightwish - Wishmaster (Pearl Harbour)
Look the answer above. There are plenty of good songs but there are problems with copyrights.
To create channels in battle chat
 • Common
 • Team
 • Pair
 • Clan
 You may use different colours for them. But it would be great if user can change colours by himself.
 You may also give opportunity to switch between channels using hotkeys at syntax /n "text" – where n-channel ID.
To make an opportunity to get all the coming messages in one window (i.e. we get all the messages immediately and answer to the desired channel by /n «text")
 The chat system is in development and it looks like stated above.
 Contaminating signals, at voice chat (on desire)
 Contaminating signal as an element of entourage will be but if only it is not resource-demanding for other players And we are not going to deteriorate voice completely. First of all it can be hacked on the client and provide some advantages, secondly bad voice chat will lead to using Skype, Teamspeak, X-Fire etc.
 The opportunity to regulate voice volume of every player separately (microphones are different)
 We will try
 Nickname of a talking one must be marked. (To prevent spamming)
 Yes, surely
 I could create my own chat channel to prevent flooding on forum
 Why not? If it is interesting for anyone…
 To give an opportunity to set side mouse buttons for voice chat (in WoT and WoWp)
 It must be in mouse settings. Somebody wants to set it to 11th joystick button …

 Clans and other formations
To transfer all the clan registry from WoT to WoWp
 To make air map controlled by clans like "Dead head elite tank armour”?
To give opportunity to clans to make their own skins (or to choose from unique, belonging to certain squadrons) but to make them available (or obligatory) only for definite clan (also a special sign for clan commander, commander deputies etc.)
 Clan emblem will be definitely on all the aircraft of clan members. We’ll try to implement also clan posts signs
 Ultimate conquest
 Battles cooperated with tanks
 Example: Battle of Kursk, air battle. Team A (Air-clan) wins this battle. The next battle the team can get randomly air-cover for certain sector. The same for WoT clans. E.g. tank team И captures the base of team A then place anti-aircraft guns there.
 It will not be implemented because:
 •We want WoWp and WoT clans to conclude agreements about such service
 •Automatically it is not possible because WoT and WoWp province maps may differ
 • To implement opportunity of air laying mines on Global Map. To lay mines clan should pay some amount of gold from its treasury. Mines are laid automatically by the server. What is the purpose of it: attacking team will be encouraged to attack because def will be very unsuitable.
Perfect idea! Air mines for gold and air minesweepers for brilliants!
 •Regarding to company battles and UC I suggest the following:
•Some aircraft having 2 pilots crew- one is piloting another is a navigator, who is shooting, bombing etc. Such aircraft are to be in doth hangars, credits and XP points go on halves, when this crew member is shot down (killed, contused) the player does not play and the plane is driven by another crew member…
 • No we are not going to provide such system. It does not correspond the desired gameplay and we see too much work on server side.
 To unify forum and game account
 AFAIK such suggestions were discussed regarding WoT accounts. The same system will be in WoWp.
 As beige colour is used in WoT forum I suggest using sky blue for WoWp forum.
 Blue is already kept for teamkillers.
 To give an opportunity to display nickname with spaces.
 Unfortunately it is technical restriction
 There is a lack of WG styled smiles on forum. Make special air-force styled smiles.
We are working on it.
To unify game and forum accounts for all the three worlds. (WoT, WoWp, WoB)
 We’ll do it.

 Dear Administration!
 I suggest making small so called jackpot.
After the game release set up a countdown for 7 days.
I’ve got 2 variants for it:
 1) Choose award type (credits, gold experience), choose three multipliers (depends on award type of course).
 Example on credits:
 Player tries to win as many battles as he can. The number of victories is divided into three scales. 1st (100 to 200), 2nd (200 to 300) and 3rd (above 300) of course it is only example. Then we place coefficients: 1st scale - К1, 2nd - К2 и 3rd -К3. Then number of victories multiplied by the coefficient gives win.
 2)This is lottery principle. To win with the greatest K is possible but it stands little chance of success. The sense is as follows: 1st scale: К1 50%, К2 35% and К3 15% of chance. The second scale: К1 15%, К2 50%, К3 35%. Third scale has the same principle. So, our victories are the points for an entry and the scale values the chance for different Ks
 So, we can lift interest for a player from the very beginning and rise on-line
 Author: GreenGrapes_
 I would like to note that we are not going to take up any measures to pump on-line at the very beginning, especially the 1st week. We are afraid of being overcrowded by WoT players. Regarding to the statement that player chooses most preferable award for him depending on victories’ number- It should be considered, however only as an element of some event. This is inappropriate for routine days.
 I would like Multilanguage game interface and sound ( Russian, English, German etc)
 There will be as much localizations as possible. WoT for example is localized into 30 languages. First of all sound will be made for nations represented by in-game aircraft.
In WoT at the loading you see turning gear; I suggest turning propeller for WoWp.
 •We’ll do it
 Colour of a player will depend on his efficiency.
Very doubtful. One thing – to paint stars, suns and crosses on the fuselage and another to mark efficient player by colour. It seems as if we penalize the most successful players to initiate a special hunting for them.
 To make a simple test for intellect at registration
 Dream, dreams… I shake your hand
 Add hangar life.
 Add working technicians, wandering pilots, pilots having rest after flight, sitting at the desks and grind their skills, to increase quality of repairing and lowers its cost, free technicians can be used as general workers or to choose free profession, to take free experienced from skilled workers, invent new technologies etc…
 Clan leader must have a special character in his hangar (commander in-chief) that sits beside the map and invents the strategy. (It can also be made as a link to Global map and ultimate challenge.
To make not only buttons but animated characters as in quests, where clicking a pilot leads to barracks, clicking the map to Ultimate conquests, newspapers to forum news etc.
 To make pilots’ market (where player can buy or sell pilots and premium pilots’ shop with extra, unique skills)
 So, there will be many opportunities, actions between battles, new gold consumables etc.
 According to statistics 5% of players cannot find "Battle” button. If we make pilot use such an overcrowded hangar I’m afraid it will increase the number of lost ones. Regarding to the idea to add working men — we will do it only if it doesn’t influence the performance.
 To deprive dead players of right to write in battle chat. They flood and only insult other players! Let them have their own dead players chat.
 In one wonderful game dead players turned to ghosts and they could be heard only by the Priest, to prevent hearing to them he had to hide in a wardrobe…
Make General and Company chat channels be turned off on users desire
 We hope very much that we will manage to give up general chat at all.
 Do not forget about colour-blind mode with changing interface colour.
 We will not forget
 To unify all of the three Worlds and probable World of Infantry to global «WorldofWar» game
 Of course together with World of Logistics for decent connoisseurs.
 To make an auction where some equipment, modules, consumables, pilots, provinces can be bought or sold for credits.
 You will have it if we manage to implement it in WoT.
 Unified launcher for all three products.
 It is still under consideration. Evident minus – launcher installs upgrade to WoB and you cannot play WoWp.
 If you have a WoT account- add a button to launcher to register in WoWp automatically
 We will make this button. However registration- is not launcher’s duty.
Unified account
 We’ll make it.
 To make WoWp as patch to WoT. So, when WoWp is released, all the WoT players download WoWp game client automatically and you will bу able to switch in the game client between tank garage and planes hangar. So we will have unified game client.
 What percent of this idea are you going to get? 20% percent of furious players writing to support after having downloaded 2 unexpected Gb?
 To make map similar to WoT map but to change aircraft icons depending on their altitude according youк plane.
Both current minimap and map are not convenient for us. We will work much over it to increase message comprehension and usability
 To add option of observing all the aircraft including unresearched in 3D mode as if it is already at hangar.
 Yes, it is planned.[/i]
 In the installer you should add PC performance check up, and if it does not correspond the minimal requirements note it to user.
 It will be probably done, but in distant future. First we will make automatic PC performance and option resetting.
 Opportunity to line up your own aircraft in random order. This will help to bring collectioners’ hangars into order.
 Thank you. Noticed it.
In WoT maximal performance can be obtained only on x64 OS, for those having Windows 7 it is not comfortable as 64x Win7 is awful. I have Intel core i5, 6 GB of RAM, 4 GB of video, my pc runs GTA4 on maximum and I can launch 5-6 powerful games at the same time –no lags of glitches, perfect connection-5mbps.
 However, at the same time I cannot set WoT options for maximum (I have got Windows 7 32x Home premium). I’d like to prevent such casus in WoWp to tune it up to 32x OS and multi-core CPU
 Honestly, we’d love it. Working hard over game engine.
 To increase number of aircraft in battle from 15vs15 to 30 vs 30
 Main game mode is still in development. For now 15 vs 15 looks pretty fine.
 To make fast predefined phrases as in WoT (Affirmative! Help! Etc.)
 Yes of course if we manage to get rid of spammers…
 To enlarge 2 min. AFK limit to at least 5 min for BSOD reasons- 2 min are too short period to reload PC and client
In WoWp gameplay is more rapid than in WoT and 2 minutes is too much. We will better try to accelerate loading time.
 To give opportunity to frap video or to make frame-by frame photos as camera gun
 We are not going to overcharge client with such options but we will provide some outsource soft.
 To provide a solo training.
Some alpha-testers benefits- water planes or vertical take-off and landing aircraft
 So should we strike you off the list for getting an Ahnenerbe flying saucer?

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